Your business needs a social media presence!

It doesn’t matter if you run a small local shop or a big national company. Social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy.


Why it’s important

Social media have become essential for any business looking to digitize their marketing. Indeed, social media are a vast ocean of connected people who are constantly looking for new content to pass the time.

It is, therefore, a golden nugget for your company to develop a presence on the networks where your clients are the most active and thus able to be easily directed to your product.

Otherwise, if you decide not to be present on social media, you leave this mass of potential customers to your competitors. When your customers seek you out, they will not find you.


The problem

We know that you understand the importance of being present on social media and that you have taken the necessary steps to be on these platforms, but you are not a community manager and neither is your secretary. Even if he or she posts the latest photos of your office party, it won't get you anywhere near your goals.

You need a team that will strategically manage the different social media platforms by establishing publication schedules with content that will interact with your community in order to attract new partners, customers or collaborators, all while producing weekly progress reports.


An alternative

You have surely considered the possibility of hiring an agency that will take care of your social media and which will bring you to 10K followers on Instagram and 500 likes on your Facebook posts.

The reality is that you are going to pay a marketing agency which itself does not have active social media and which will invoice you between $300 and $600 each month to publish your content for you. For all the content that you send them, they will schedule it in social media management software.

The good news is that we have created our own social media management software and we are offering you a free 30-minute session with one of our social media experts! They will help you create your publication schedule for the next 30 days in just 30 minutes - yes that’s all the time it takes!

I want my consultation with the expert!

You will have a bonus at the end of the session.


The Next Level

Is your goal with social media bigger than just creating an online presence to gain credibility with your customers? Are you seeking to build a strong brand that positions itself as a reference thanks to content that will make your community interact? If you answered yes to both questions, you need a community manager.


A community manager will be there to:

 Participate in the development of the digital marketing strategy

 Create, plan and manage original content for social media

 Exchange, facilitate and moderate discussions with communities

 Develop strategies to encourage subscriber engagement

 Deploy ads on social media and other platforms

 Manage and watch content on your social media accounts

What we offer

We offer solutions based on your needs and your budget:

I’m self-employed and I’m looking to manage my social media myself, but I’d like a little help getting organized and creating a strategy because sometimes I forget to publish. Prices starting at $35 per month.
We are an SME and we need a community manager to take care of the image of our brand on social media. Prices starting at $299 per month.
We are a large company and have the obligation to be present on social media in order to attract new customers, partners and employees. We need a digital management team to take care of all the management of our social media. Prices starting at $1499 per month.