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Stop giving your leads to your competition

Many people try to get your product everyday and end up working with one of your competitors. Because, like you, when they need something, they Google it and your competition is there to attract them. The leads coming from search engines are called 'hot leads' because people are searching for what they want or need, so you'd better be there when they need your product.

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This is where Google Ads becomes your secret weapon to position yourself in the best search results and get all the prospects looking for your product.

The Magic of Google Ads

Imagine that you have water damage. Your first reaction will be to call a plumber and, to find one, you will probably search for 'plumber' plus the name of your city on Google. You'll click on the first link and call the company and if they do not answer, you'll call the second one, and so on

Now, imagine that someone is looking for your product because they need it now. Will they find your website in the first search results when they search on Google? Sadly, that person is likely find your competitor...

This is the magic of Google Ads. Your competitors do not run everywhere in search of customers, because it's the customers who come to them.



Before you start creating a Google Ads account and start spending $5 per click, did you know that placing multiple offers on your sales page can cut the number of people buying your product in half or that even 1 second of delay in page loading reduces the conversions rate by 7%?

Before creating a Google Ads account, there are several things to master and you must constantly improve and manage your advertisement so that it brings a good return on investment, a.k.a. ROI.

Because otherwise, your ads will cost you more than the price of your product and you will be forced to give way to your competitors who have a team to build their pay-per-click campaigns.

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Our team of Google Ads experts will help you generate prospects today. Thanks to our marketing strategy, we will analyze your target customers in order to create the right message that will attract them to a sales page and get them to take action.


I know it's important but I'm not ready...

Every day that goes by is a day where you give to your competitors the opportunity to start on Google Ads. For the moment, there is a small number of your competitors who are exploiting this strategy and this is a good news, but the more time passes, the more companies realize the importance of web marketing and the arrival of new competitors on AdWords increases the prices of your advertisements. So, seize the opportunity now and entrust us with your Google Ads management.

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Soltivo gives you all the tools you need to start getting leads today. Get a free sales funnel designed by our team of experts to multiply the number of prospects for your advertising.

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  • Platform: Google, Bing
  • Account Access: Admin
  • Reporting: yes
  • Google Analytics: yes
  • Goal Setting:yes
  • Call & Conversion Tracking:yes
  • Local Targeting Strategies:yes
  • Competitor analysis:yes
  • Sales Funnel:no
  • Account Manager:no
  • Display Ads:no
  • Retargeting Ads:no
  • Corporate Videos:no
  • Premium SEO:no

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