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After many years of working with many companies, we have found three typical business marketing profiles.


Type 1
(Headless Chicken)

You have read about marketing and have tried to implement all possible strategies, but you have achieved little or no results. You need a full analysis in order to focus on the strategies that can lead to more results.


Type 2
(Comfort zone)

You have found a way to obtain customers but you cannot take on any more because you have had trouble managing your marketing strategy. You must quickly set up a diversified acquisition strategy in order to have multiple sources of customers.


Type 3
(Old Fashioned)

You don't think online marketing is really important so you don't have an online marketing strategy and you make your sales by yourself using your network of people and businesses. You need a guerrilla 2.0 strategy that will combine your network and the web to double your current results.

Here are our solutions to automate your customer acquisition

Take your time to consult the four solutions, because each of them contains a bonus.

Sales Funnel

You want to sell your product, but in order for someone to buy it, you need to gain confidence and credibility. To do that you need more than a website, you need a real selling machine and we can help you with that.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once you have a sales funnel, you have to get people into the funnel. Why not get them for free? For this you must optimize your SEO so that search engines put your site ahead of others when people are looking for your products, and you can thus constantly have new leads for free.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

If you want to get leads today and not wait for search engines to show your site, you'll need AdWords advertising. You will be automatically ranked first and people interested in your products will go through your sales funnel to buy them.


Social Media

You must be where your ideal customers are and today 86% of the world's population is on social media. There is a good chance that your future clients are there. So, start publishing content that will appeal to your target audience!


Do you want to manage your social networks yourself?

We have created our own social media management tools that we use to bring huge results to our customers and we make these tools available to you for free *

Thanks to our software you can connect all your social platforms and program your content in advance in order to implement a marketing strategy and never forget to publish.

In addition, we have added advanced features such as pre-recorded Facebook Live. You will be able to manage your digital presence yourself and increase your brand awareness while attracting prospects through your content.

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